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Tamiya Subaru BRZ Street-Custom

Completed: 2016 


  • Kapci 2K automotive primer
  • ZP Subaru 02C WR Blue
  • Kapci 2K clear


  • Hobby Design HD02-0201 photo-etch set
  • Hobby Design HD03-0291 18inch Rays G25 rims
  • Fujimi Bridgestone Potenza RE711 18inch tires
  • Tamiya Skyline R34 brakes from the Nismo Dress-Up Parts Set
  • Crazy Modeler EP0063 photo-etched disc brakes and HD04-0005 Brembo decals
  • Hobby Design HD03-0287 Turbocharger
  • Resin Tamiya Evo VI intercooler with a custom-made Mishimoto logo
  • Scratch-built hoses and pipes for intercooler and turbo exhaust sections
  • ZoomOn Recaro SR3 resin front seats
  • New b-pillars added to the interior tub for the front seat belts mounting points
  • Interior floor and rear shelf covered with charcoal grey flocking
  • T2M-2011-B2 black fabric used for front and rear seat belts
  • Additional pipes, hood strut, wires and decals added to engine bay
  • Body lowered 3 mm on wheels by attaching disc brakes at a higher position
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Finally, I would like to display a fantastic picture of the BRZ taken by my friend James. Thanks!

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