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Tamiya Nissan Skyline GT-R V-spec II (R34)


  • Plasti-Kote primer, Tamiya TS-50 Blue Mica and Plasti-Kote clear

  • Blue flocking applied to interior floor and rear shelf
  • Custom printed front and rear Japanese license plates
Offers inside
Tamiya Box. Kit No: 258
Pieces provided inside box
First thing I did was to apply primer to the undercarriage
Then, the Tamiya TS-50 Blue Mica was applied
Undercarriage was then painted and detailed before assembly of all the parts
Every part was then assembled and here's the all finished undercarriage
The wheels were painted in light gun metal, applied decals and clear coated
Interior was next and this was flocked in blue to match the body's colour!

Then the front seats were attached and the interior was finished

Interior and rims were then attached to the undercarriage

Body parts were then assembled and sprayed in PlastiKote white primer

Body was then sprayed in Tamiya TS-50 Blue Mica and clear-coated using Plasti-Kote Clear

Once dry, it was polished and waxed. The shine acquired can be seen from the reflection on the roof

Windows were masked using the templates provided with the kit and then painted with semi-gloss black

Finally, everything was assembled together and the R34 called done!

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