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Tamiya Lexus LFA


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  • Hobby Design HD03-0140 LFA Detail-Up Set
  • Hobby Design HD02-0163 LFA Photo-Etch Set
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Tamiya Box. Kit No: 24319 
Opening the box one can immediately notice the big amount of pieces included!

Let's begin by taking a closer look at all the parts included. This is sprue A, which includes several different components from engine, to chassis and also interior!

Seen above, is sprue B that includes most of the engine and chassis pieces. I must say that the V10 is superbly detailed here! I like that...

Sprue C is the last big sprue part and once again houses various different pieces

The body is simply amazing too. So smooth... with just a very little amount of tiny mold lines to take care of. Rims are gorgeous too, so are the seats. Masking for the windows is there too, while the tiny bags contain the poly caps and little magnets for the rear spoiler

These are the last plastic pieces included together with the tires... which are simply amazing! Rear ones are wider and are very realistic too. Clear sprue is spot on, great!

My plans are to build an LFA Nurburgring Edition, a scaled version of one of the only 50 that exist worldwide! To help me with this, I shall be using the Hobby Design HD03-0140 Detail-Up Set. If you want to see what is exactly included in this set, click here

To make my LFA even more realistic, I shall also be using the Hobby Design HD02-0163, which includes 2 sheets of photo-etch parts. A review on this is coming soon too

I am right now following the instruction manual and cutting / cleaning the first pieces off the sprues in preparation for the primer, so keep watching for more updates on the LFA.

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