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Hobby Design HD02-0163 Photo-Etch Set

This Hobby Design photo-etch parts set is compatible with the Tamiya Lexus LFA kits, code numbers 24319 and 24325.

More info inside
On the package it clearly states that it's intended for the Tamiya LFA kits

This is the packing this set comes in, same as other HD photo-etch sets

These are the contents of this set: 2 sheets of photo-etch and 1 detailed leaflet

This is the first, biggest sheet of parts which includes a lot of items, including brakes, mesh, interior parts, license plates, seat belt accessories, and more... lots more!

This is the second photo-etch part, featuring rear vents and steering gear shift parts

The one page leaflet clearly explains where every parts needs to be attached, including any modifications necessary to attach. Very detailed indeed! 

Here’s also a closer look at the upper half of the leaflet 

Together with a closer look at the lower half of the leaflet

I am right now building the Lexus LFA and utilizing this photo-etch parts set. Feel free to click on the above picture to be directed to the LFA's build page and view the full assembly together with my own personal comments about using this PE set from Hobby Design.

Overall, this is a great photo-etch set from Hobby Design and is surely recommended to anyone building the LFA kit. It will add all those extra fine details to the already amazingly detailed Tamiya kit.

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