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Hobby Design HD03-0316 Air Intake Kits

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This is the package as it was delivered, with the air filters neatly placed inside 2 plastic bags

These are the 4 air filters that are included, taken out of the outer package

There are 2 different types of air filters included. Two of them are HKS 'mushroom' type, while the other two are a regular cone type. All of them are nicely molded with little cleaning necessary, just some light flash pieces

Here are the air filters pictured on top of a ruler to give you an idea of their dimensions

The HKS style ones have a diameter of 0.8mm at the back. One of them has some extra flash material to cut out at the back, but it's nothing big. Just a little cleaning on the back side is required

This is the other set, the regular cone type ones. The front part has a diameter of 0.6mm while the diameter of the rear part is 0.7mm. Once again, one of them has some extra flash material on the back, but both are nicely molded

Overall, I am very happy with the quality of these air filters, or as Hobby Design calls them, air intake kits! I got mine for 750 Yen, equivalent to around 6 Euros, which is well worth it considering you get 4 units inside the pack and I'm sure they will look amazing once airbrushed, detailed and sitting next to a turbo inside your engine bay!

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