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Aoshima Daihatsu Copen


  • Kapci automotive 2K primer
  • + more coming-soon

  • Aoshima Rays-Volk Racing TE37 (Gravel) rims
  • ZoomOn ZR013 Stretch Tire Set
  • Inner arches narrowed due to wider new wheels
  • Molded mesh on both bumpers opened
  • Indicators on front bumper filled and smoothed
  • Side-skirts modified by removing the back side
  • 0.4mm pins added to side mirrors and rear spoiler
  • New front spoiler made from the original front bumper
  • Tamiya NSX seats and Fujimi steering wheel
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Aoshima Box. S-Package Ver.R no.98 
All the pieces provided inside box

First thing I did was to test fit the ride height using the original rims and tires. It was great from Aoshima providing the little Copen 2 different height options: standard and lowered. I chose the latter, and was surprised to find it sits so low! That's one job I didn't have to do!

Then it was time to choose some rims and tires! The ugly originals were 15s, so I opted for a set of 16" TE37 Gravel by Aoshima. The tires supplied with the rims have a high profile, so I decided to use a set of stretch tires made by ZoomOn instead

Here's a comparison of the kit wheels with my new combination of Aoshima & ZoomOn

This is a quick look at how the new wheel set-up looks beneath the tiny Copen!

One problem I faced with the new set-up was that the Copen chassis accepts very narrow wheels, just like the kit ones. The new wheels were too wide so I had to cut out a part of them from the back side to make them narrower, but still slightly wider than the original!

Here's a closer look at the slice I had to cut off from the back side. I also had to sand down the middle part where the poly-cap attaches as it was longer than the original kit's wheels

To finish off, here's final comparison of the kit's vs new wheels. You can also notice how narrow the kit's wheels are, together with the new width after cutting the rear part off

Since the new wheels are wider, I have also sanded the inner arches wall to avoid the tires from touching with them. Rear arches show result after sanding, fronts are original

With all the work related to the new wheels complete, it was then time to start preparing  the body. First off were both bumpers, where I cut out all the ugly original molded mesh. This will be replaced with more realistic mesh later on. The indicators on the front bumpers (marked with the red arrows above) were also filled for a smoother finish

I also didn't like the original side-skirts with that shark-fin like shape on the back. So I cut this out and smoothed the back side to make the overall shape of the side-skirts linear

The side mirrors and rear spoiler are a pain to attach once the body is sprayed, so to make this easier, I have added 0.4mm pins to them and also drilled the body accordingly

At this moment, I realized that once you install the bigger side-skirts, these would sit lower than the front bumper! I don't like this as I'm a believer that the front bumper should always sit slightly lower! So a solution was required. Above picture shows this

The solution? I hacked the original (non-used) front bumper and cut off its lower part! Then, I heavily modified it until it fit beneath the tuner front bumper... Solved!!

Then it was time to start preparing the interior parts for primer, where I decided to replace the standard seats and steering with Tamiya NSX seats (left ones) and a Fujimi steering

Finally, every part was attached to the sticks and airbrushed in automotive 2K primer

Next job is to start airbrushing the required colour on every Copen item, so keep following the little Copen's page for more updates

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