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Aoshima Autozam AZ-1 (M2 1015 ver.)

Completed: 2020 


  • Kapci 2K automotive primer
  • PPG white, GC-222 Pearl White & Humbrol 222 Metallic Blue
  • Kapci automotive 2K clear

Additional Parts:
  • New seats taken from a Tamiya Gr.A R32 Skyline
  • Scratch-built roll cage from electrical wire
  • Scratch-built boost gauge and bracket
  • New front brakes from a Tamiya Skyline GT-R
  • Wider metal exhaust tip
  • Zero Paints charcoal grey flocking
  • Decal Shop and Scale_Lab seat belt hardware
  • Custom printed Bride decals for the driver's seat
  • Hobby Design HD04-0076 Bride and gauge decals
  • Custom printed '90s-era floor carpets
  • Decal Shop Red Bull decals
  • Aoshima blue TE37 and RAYS decals on the rims
  • 0.4mm custom air valves added to the TE37 rims
  • HD front disc brake photo-etch pieces
  • 0.4mm metal rod used for door key locks
  • HD Brembo decals attached on front brake calipers
  • Custom Japanese license plates and stickers

  • Both seats were modified to make them more realistic
  • Skyline brake calipers modified for front use
  • Exhaust pipe modified into a straight piece
  • Rear spoiler modified with pins for easier installation
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