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ZoomOn Spoon Sports Civic FD2 (Latest Ver.)


  • 2K automotive primer
  • & more coming soon!

  • Brakes and rims modified to glue directly on the hubs at any position
  • Molded tire valves removed from rims
  • Custom made MoTeC C127 dash
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ZoomOn Box. This is the Latest ver. full resin kit

These are all the resin parts found inside the box

Together with decals, windows, manuals, masking & photo-etch sheets

First thing I did was to start cleaning the parts. Above are the rims during cleaning. ZoomOn did a great job molding the valves with the rims, however I removed these to replace them with metal ones later on. Left pair is standard, right is cleaned with no valves

Then I temporarily assembled the suspensions, brakes and wheels where I discovered that all of these needed some work to align the rims perfectly in the middle of the arches

So I decided to tackle this problem my own way! Above is the steps I took to modify the rims and brakes in such a way that once sprayed, I would be able to attach them fixed wherever I felt best. This will avoid correcting each suspension unit separately and as a procedure, it's similar to the one in my tutorial "Lowering certain Tamiya kits".

The Motec dash was missing so I decided to make my own from an extra resin piece

After 2 weeks of sanding and filling, every chassis and interior part was attached to the sticks and ready for primer
So everything was then airbrushed in automotive 2K primer

This was followed with the first colours being airbrushed accordingly

Chassis was first airbrushed in black, then masked and airbrushed in automotive white together with all of the roll-cage and door pieces. Thanks goes to Mark for this great paint!

Next job is to continue airbrushing and working on the chassis and interior parts. So keep watching for more updates on the Spoon Sports Civic FD2.

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